Sourcing- People & Technology in FinCrime

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Hire the right person, engage the perfect consultants or trainers for your firm

Finding the right candidate for a financial crime-related role can be a complex and time-consuming process. We help you to hire certified / trained / experienced personnel  or freshers in all FinCrime domains through a refined screening process & primary assessment by our team of subject matter experts.

Our team has years of experience in risk, compliance, financial crime related domains and understands the skills and expertise required for each role & function. We use our industry knowledge and network to source the best-fit for given requirement. 

We also help to connect you with seasoned consultants and trainers having required expertise, hands on experience to work on assignments/freelance on full-time/part time as need be.

Leveraging the right technology, data assets and analytics tools can help the organisation to better comply and an efficient financial crime compliance system.
We have listed various areas below for which tools and solutions are available in the market. These solutions provided by service providers, Fintech & Regtech companies are aggregated and listed by us. The organisation can evaluate each one based on it’s requirement. Our team will arrange to connect with the shortlisted provider and organise a demo/s as per your convenience.

Customer Onboarding (KYC)
-Digital, Physical or Hybrid
  • Increasing data points for KYC (document verification, watchlist screening, digital analytics)
  • Use techniques and data for behavioural biometrics
  • Use of Image analytics for information/document verification, facial recognition & identification
  • Video liveness detection
  • Detecting of tampered documents and counterfeits
  • Use of device intelligence, email intelligence & social media analysis
  • Use of Network analysis for UBO identification
  • Clustering techniques by multiple parameters for linking accounts ( related parties/ group companies etc)
Risk profiling and scoring
  • Risk based approach for classification and assessment
  • Automated risk scoring and analysis, and customer prioritization
Transaction Monitoring
  • Building early warning signals
  • Monitor customer account in real time and perpetual KYC
  • Advanced rules creation
  • Calibrating & implementing more monitoring scenarios
  • Identify suspicious trends & data
  • AML monitoring & Case management
  • Predictive behavior analytics to enhance real-time transaction monitoring
  • Alert Optimization through AI models using refined parameters
  • Automatically seek, analyze and implement regulatory changes and revisions
Reporting suspicious/ exceptional transactions and regulatory compliance
  • Generating periodic reports at predefined frequencies/ events for internal or regulatory reporting
  • Facilitate Audit trials
  • Enhanced actionable points
  • STR/ SAR filing
Sanctions screening, monitoring and reporting
  • Name screening and identifying potential sanctions matches 
  • Various data sources, adverse media and different sanctioning authorities 
  • Consolidated view of global sanctions list
  • Ongoing monitoring of business partners/vendors/individuals to assess third party sanction risk 
  • Reporting of sanctions to regulatory authorities

India centric solution

For India centric small to mid-sized reporting entities (CAs, CS, dealer in precious stones, real estate agent, brokers etc)  for Compliance with Prevention of Money Laundering Act 2002 (PMLA) and other Indian Regulations.

  • KYC & Periodical Reviews (including event driven reviews)
  • Screening (sanctions, watchlist and adverse media)
  • Regulatory reporting (SAR, STR to FIU)
  • Risk rating 
  • Transaction Monitoring